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Young Adult's Vision Fast



12 Day Residential in South West France

Number of participants: max 12

Dates to be confirmed


Fee: to be confirmed plus €100 camping

What is it?

A contemporary version of the ancient rite-of-passage ceremony to mark the transition from adolescence into adulthood, of seeking guidance and empowerment from the Source through fasting alone in nature for several days.


Young people are caught between two worlds, that of their childhood and that of a fully-fledged adult. It is hard to take the final step into being an adult because many think it means the child must die. Not so! We teach how the inner child can remain as a valuable guide and companion throughout adulthood. There is no set age at which we feel ready to step fully into adulthood. For some it happens early, often forced by circumstance, and for others it can be much later. Whenever it happens, this important transition in life needs to be marked, recognised and celebrated.

The Young Adult’s Fast is open to all people between the ages of 18 – 29.


This programme comprises:

  • Preparation for undertaking the solo Fast

  • Teaching of the Four ‘Shields’, or directions, of Human Nature, the nature-based system we employ to help us navigate the symbolic landscape of nature and the psyche

  • Council: sitting in circle and sharing personal stories

  • Working with Intent

  • Community building with your cohort

  • 4 day solo Vision Fast immersed in nature

  • Self-generated ceremonies

  • Mirroring of stories by guides and assistants;

  • Camping and self-catering (basic camp kitchen supplied)


What to expect

We begin by sitting together in circle, learning the ‘way of council’ through practicing presence, non-judgemental deep listening, and speaking concisely from the heart. In this way, we truly meet and are met by each other in a manner we are unaccustomed to in daily life.


You learn the teaching of The Four Shields or directions of human nature, which acts as a kind of map for navigating the unfamiliar symbolic territory of the vision fast landscape, and provides a shared language for talking about it.

You’ll be guided in honing your intent, which will be an anchor and guide during your solo Fast. The guides help prepare you for your Fast. We’ll also cover the safety and emergency protocols.


You’ll spend four days and nights alone in nature your solo Vision Fast while the guides and assistants hold vigil. On the fifth morning you return to basecamp at sunrise where you’ll be welcomed back over the threshold and we’ll break-fast together.


During the following three days, we sit in story council while all participants share the tales of the trials and tribulations of their time alone. All in the circle bear witness to the stories and the guides ‘mirror’ each story after its telling.


On the final day, we sit in circle one last time to refocus your intentions for action in the world as you prepare to re-join the lives and people you left behind as an initiated adult.


After our closing ceremony, participants embark on their onward journeys (from around 1pm onwards) or may choose to camp for an extra night to relax and reground themselves before travelling.

Participants camp for the duration of the programme because it aids embodied immersion into nature. You will find it conducive to producing the heightened, receptive states needed to hear our intuitive inner voice clearly and to understand nature as a teacher. Our habitual routines and comforts are disrupted, which neuroscience now shows heightens the senses, causing us to notice everything around us with fresh eyes. Camping also encourages self-care and self-responsibility, thus increasing one's sense of self-efficacy and resilience, and enhancing self-leadership.

We invite participants to arrive any time from 10am onwards on the day before the programme commences to allow for setting up camp. You will be greeted on arrival and introduced to the land and facilities. A simple supper for all will be provided (please let us know about any dietary restrictions, allergies or intolerances beforehand).​

Camping and self-catering is on a meadow next to the river. You will need to supply your own camping equipment (e.g. tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad/mattress). 

A basic camp kitchen with cutlery, chopping boards, stove, table and seating are provided, along with camp chairs for our daily gatherings.

Supper on day one is included in the price.

Use the contact form below to enquire about the programme or to apply.

Please state which programme you are interested in.

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