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The Art of Mirroring



5 Day Residential in South West France

Number of participants: max 14

Dates to be announced


Fee: to be confirmed, 

plus €50 camping


The Art of Mirroring

is the ability

to shine a light on the gifts

in a person's story


In this programme you will learn how to utilise the ‘Four Shields of Human Nature’ in combination with the ‘Art of Mirroring’ as tools for empowerment.

This programme will be of particular interest to those in coaching, psychotherapy, and the caring professions, as well as others interested in deepening their deep listening and intuitive response skills.


“Mirroring is ‘medicine’, i.e., both what the person needs in order to be

healed and whole and to grow,

and what the person has to offer to the world.

The word, medicine, comes from the Greek, ‘to guide’ .

Medicine is guidance.

Medicine can be bitter and hard to swallow, even if it is healing.”

John Davis, Nancy Jane, Sherry Ellms, Jed Swift


Mirroring entails deep listening, presence, and compassionate engagement. You’ll learn how to find the essence of and medicine in a person’s story, to find the challenges and resources evident in their story, both the shadow and the light. We don’t seek to fix the storyteller, but to meet them where they are and offer them a potentially empowering perspective. Learn how to cultivate an attitude of not-knowing and trust the process, revealing the mythic and symbolic dimensions of a person’s story, acting as a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious.


Each day we focus on a different Shield, and you will spend a portion of the day walking or simply being in nature contemplating a specific question or theme, based upon the qualities of the Shield we are working on. After your contemplative 'medicine' walks, we gather to witness and tell the stories of your forays into the symbolic landscape of nature as a mirror of the psyche. Some of those individual stories will be mirrored by the guides, after which, participants will have the opportunity to gain practice by mirroring each other's stories.



Participants camp for the duration of the programme to aid the embodied immersion into nature. You will find it conducive to producing the heightened, receptive states needed to hear our intuitive inner voice clearly, to understand nature as a teacher and to mirror cleanly.


We invite participants to arrive from 10am onwards on day one to allow for travel, shopping, and setting up camp before we begin. You will be greeted on arrival and introduced to the land and facilities.

The programme commences at 5pm local time and a simple supper for all will be provided (please let us know about any dietary restrictions, allergies or intolerances beforehand). We aim to finish by noon on the last day to enable participants to travel home the same evening; however, you are very welcome to camp for an additional night at no extra charge and travel home the following day if preferred.

This course will be of particular interest to those interested in:

  • improving their listening skills;

  • learning about the nature-based system of The Four Shields;

  • understanding nature as a mirror of the psyche;

  • learning 'The Art of Mirroring';

  • leaning how to allow intuition to guide our responses;

  • considering embarking on a Vision Fast.

Camping and self-catering is on a meadow next to the river. You will need to supply your own camping equipment (e.g. tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad/mattress) and food. 

A basic camp kitchen with cutlery, chopping boards, stove, kettle, table and seating are provided, along with camp chairs for our daily gatherings.

The simple meal provided on the first evening is included in the cost.


Use the contact form below to enquire about the programme or to apply.

Please state which programme you are interested in.

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