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A Journey through the Four Shields of Human Nature

Non-residential weekend Workshops

Spring 2021

West Sussex UK


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Programmes planned for 2021

The Mirror of Nature

5 Day Residential

South West France

The Singing Stone

5 Day Residential

South West France

Embodied Integration

5 Day Residential

South West France

Young Adult Fast

12 Day Residential

South West France

The Art of Mirroring

5 Day Residential Training Course.

South West France

Vision Fast

12 Day Residential

South West France


Travelling here


South West France on the border between Tarn & Aveyron


By air:

Toulouse or Rodez

By rail:


The nature of a Vision

When we speak about Vision, as in the Vision Fast, we are not talking about an external manifestation appearing in front of us, the province of mystics and saints. We are speaking for the most part about knowledge that is outside of ordinary awareness but accessible to all. These 'visions' or insights, can be the fruits of our exercises in Active Imagination as well as profound dreams containing valuable dialogue or imagery.

These 'visions' stem from inside our personal unconscious and from the collective unconscious, as we tap into the pool of wisdom and experience of the whole of humanity. Occasionally, we may also receive intuitive or direct knowing that seems to emanate from a greater transpersonal source, for how else can we know things without knowing how we know them? It is for each individual to make sense of this knowing according to their own beliefs.


We suggest that the underlying ground of being is participatory in nature but masked by our unceasing internal dialogue and the distractions of daily life. When we are freed from the routines and enchantments of the mundane world, we are left free to perceive a more expansive reality, with nature's help, in greater depth and resolution. It is while in these non-ordinary states that we can experience extraordinary things.  


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