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Continuing Professional Development

What we offer

Obsidian aims to offer CPD certification for specific programmes in the near future.

Who's it for?

Therapists, coaches, social workers, teachers, and other professionals wishing to gain useful and transferable communication, counselling, and empowerment skills to enhance their professional practice.


Embodied experiential learning

Our programmes teach skills through the embodied practice of them. In this way, professional practitioners learn through direct experience. This enables their adaptation and application to specific professional contexts.    


Coaching is offered as a standalone service and also at any stage before (to develop intention) or after (to aid integration) attendance on one of our programmes. 


Potential of our programmes:

  • Enhance elusive yet vital leadership skills: flexibility, creativity, comfort with uncertainty and not-knowing, improvisation, resilience, storytelling, listening; 

  • Stimulate your creative faculty, helping you to generate novel ideas and creative solutions to complex problems;

  • Disrupt habitual ways of thinking and behaving: 'wakes up' your brain, increasing attention and presence;

  • Increase trust & the ability to collaborate;

  • Improve communication and conflict resolution skills using 'The Way of Council';

  • Change thinking and behaviours that do not serve you;

  • Rediscover & re-vision values, meaning, purpose and direction;

  • Acknowledge your gifts and vital contribution to your organisation and/or clients;

  • Experience a greater sense of belonging and self-worth;

  • Gain greater confidence in empowering others;

  • Learn how to work with Intention to manifest your vision;

  • Strengthen your ability to give yourself space to respond reflectively when triggered.








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