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Leadership & Organisational Development

What we offer

Obsidian offers organisations radically different development opportunities from those they may have experienced before.

Who's it for?

Our bespoke group programmes are most suitable for company directors, executive teams, non-executive boards, steering groups, intact teams, creatives, newly formed or multidisciplinary teams, and start-ups.


We also offer individual coaching as part of a programme or at any stage before (to develop intentions) or after (to aid integration). 

This work is not for the feint-hearted because the outcomes cannot be predetermined; neither will they be immediately quantifiable; however, you will notice an immediate qualitative difference in the way you work together.

We help you to create an environment of "safe uncertainty" (Mason, B.), a highly generative environment within which to work. We use the protocol of "the way of council" to improve communication, develop trust and empathy, and to build a strong container for collaboration.

Gaining comfort with uncertainty and not-knowing will improve your agility, flexibility, resourcefulness, resilience and ability to handle change.

Because the creative capacity is stimulated it can provide an idea environment in which to develop fresh ideas and ways of working across your organisation. 

We can offer organisational constellations (Jan Jacob Stan) to surface organisational issues and tensions which may lie under the surface and are hampering your organisation's progress. Constellations can also be a useful way of testing new ideas, prototypes, and strategies. 



Potential of our programmes:

  • Stimulation of your imaginal, creative faculty, helping you to generate novel ideas and creative solutions to complex problems & increasing your capacity to innovate;

  • Disruption of your habitual ways of thinking and behaving, which 'wakes up' your brain, increasing attention, presence, and cortical connectivity;

  • Increase trust & the ability to collaborate;

  • Improve communication using 'The Way of Council';









Choose from a range of accommodation (basic to luxury) and catering options to suit your needs.

  • Make your corporate responsibility and environmental policies truly meaningful;

  • Change thinking, behaviours and other aspects of organisational culture that do not serve you;

  • Rediscover & re-vision values, meaning, purpose and direction through the mirror of nature;

  • Become a more agile and responsive organisation;

  • Acknowledge your gifts and vital contribution to your organisation;

  • Experience a greater sense of belonging and self-worth;

  • The power of working with Intention to manifest your vision;

  • Gain the ability to give yourself space to respond reflectively when triggered.

Help co-create a better future!

Why not contact us to arrange a confidential chat to discuss how we can fulfil your needs, hopes and expectations for development.

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