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Grass Close Up

A Journey through the Four Shields of Human Nature


Saturday and Sunday 

Fee: £150 


Saturday and Sunday

Fee: £150


Venue: Petworth, West Sussex, UK

“If we go humbly and respectfully into nature with our questions, we will be met,

because we are nature and nature is us.”

                                                                            Will Scott, Weaving Earth

Blue Dragonfly

The first 2 day workshop will comprise medicine walks in the South and West Shields. Our follow-on weekend workshop in September will comprise medicine walks in the North and East Shields.

There is no obligation to sign up to both of the workshops and it's possible to join either one as a standalone workshop. If you have not attended a one-day introduction to the Four Shields then you will need to do a 1 hour Zoom introduction (contact us to arrange this). In the interests of making it accessible to all we are offering this at a special introductory price of £30.


Each great turn of the wheel represents a cycle of development, a rite-of-passage:

South = Severance, West = Initiation, North = Incorporation, East = Transformation.

You may wish to bear this in mind as we travel through the directions:

What needs to be severed from? What wants to be initiated? What cries out to manifest in the world?



Preparation guide

Please arrive with Intent: a question, theme or enquiry to take out on your Medicine Walk in the South Shield.

What is calling to you from the South Shield at this time? What gift do you seek here? It may be knowledge, guidance, healing, balance, developing a quality of this shield, or letting go of an attachment or wound held here. You may also wish to celebrate the gifts you already have in this shield.

If you have a question that doesn't seem to fit those suggestions, bring it and focus on the South Shield aspects of your question to begin your enquiry with: the body & senses, emotions, the child place.


Because the West Shield naturally follows on from the South, you may find that your intent for the West Shield becomes clear from what comes to you in your Medicine Walk in the South. It’s ok to hold lightly a ‘for now’ intention for the West Shield and to allow that to change or develop.

The West is an ideal Shield in which to conduct self-generated ceremony because it is thought that the psyche cannot tell the difference between a ‘real’ act and a symbolic one. This phenomenon enables us to use ceremony to elicit embodied change. Trust your psyche & nature to guide you – you will know what to do.


Guidance is available with honing intent and conducting self-generated ceremony should you wish.



Day 1

10am: We begin with a quiet walk around the perimeter of the woodlands for orientation purposes and to ground ourselves in the holding space of our workshop for the next two days (an hour or so).


Returning to the meadow, we’ll sit in circle to share your Intent for the South Shield Medicine Walk. We’ll help you clarify this if needed.

You’ll then step over the threshold into the forest for up to 2 hours.  


In the afternoon, returning from your Medicine walk, we’ll sit in Story Council to tell, listen to, and witness the stories of your time in nature, and, using the language of the four shields, Tatiana and Rachel will Mirror each story in recognition of the gifts you return with.


At the end of the day, we’ll invite you to begin the West Shield aspect of your enquiry, as it can be advantageous to use the darkness and stillness of the night to enter into the West.



Day 2

We’ll begin the day with a brief circle check-in and then go immediately into Medicine Walks to complete your West Shield enquiry. You may find it helpful to consolidate any insights or Medicine dreams from yesterday or last night by creating a ceremony for yourself. Allow nature and psyche to lead you in this – you’ll know what to do when the time comes.


In the afternoon, you’ll return from your Medicine walk and we’ll sit in Story Council to tell, listen to, witness, and mirror your stories.


September's weekend workshop will follow a similar format. The exact nature of your medicine walks will depend on your personal enquiry theme and the stage you have reached with it. The North Shield is often about resources, strategy, and action, in service of ourselves and others. How do we activate the resources we need to manifest our gifts in the world? How do we know the right course of action to take at the right time? What does the world need from us right now? The East Shield is paradoxical and opens us to the transpersonal, the more-than-human-world. It can be many things, including: transformation, vision, creativity, endings and new beginnings.



Social distancing will be observed at 1m+ either side and several meters to the front in circle. Hand sanitiser will be available, however there are no washing facilities. The event will take place in the open air, regardless of the weather. Please bring your own beverages, packed lunches, warm clothing, blanket, and an umbrella (just in case). Camp chairs can be provided but please bring your own if you have one.

This workshop is open to all, however numbers will be limited to 12 due to the necessity of social distancing.

Venue details supplied when you book your place.

Participants are required to agree to our our T&C's

Please use the enquiry form below, or email Rachel.

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