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Digital Fast



5 Day Residential in Southern France

Number of participants: max 14

Start: TBC



Fee: £600 plus €50 camping

We rely on digital media in managing many aspects of our daily lives and to provide endless interest, knowledge and entertainment; however, digital media has the ability to enchant, and if we’re not very careful, can consume vast amounts of our time and attention. It’s all too easy to become disconnected from our bodies, from the natural world, from meaning and purpose, from real-life social connection, friendship, and community.


This programme is for those who wish to rediscover and explore their deeper connection and relationship to themselves, others and the natural world. Participants have the opportunity to explore aspects of themselves and their lives in a creative environment of ‘safe uncertainty’. We invite you to suspend disbelief and enter a magical, symbolic landscape in which nature becomes a mirror and a teacher.   


This course comprises:

  • An introduction to the Four ‘Shields’, or directions, of Human Nature, the nature-based system used to navigate the symbolic landscape of nature and the psyche

  • Experience 'the way of council’ to explore meaning and purpose, patterns of thinking and behaviour, and share personal stories and insights

  • Contemplative time alone in nature

  • Mirroring of stories by guides.

We begin by sitting together in circle, learning the ‘way of council’ through practicing presence, non-judgemental deep listening, and speaking concisely from the heart. In this way, we truly meet and are met by each other in a manner we are unaccustomed to in daily life. We come together each day to sit in circle to share teachings and stories.

We learn how nature can be a teacher and mirror of the psyche. By breaking with the routines of our daily lives and immersing ourselves in nature, we are exposed to and begin to attend to the manifestations and processes of the natural world. As our internal narrative subsides, the quiet voice of intuition can be heard, and insights into our own nature and predicaments can emerge.

Participants spend time walking or simply being in nature contemplating a specific question or theme. Stories will be told of your time in nature and many of those stories will be mirrored by the guides.

Participants camp for the duration of the programme because it greatly aids embodied immersion into nature. You will find it conducive to producing the heightened, receptive states needed to hear our intuitive inner voice clearly and to understand nature as a teacher. Our habitual routines and ways of being are disrupted, which neuroscience shows heightens the senses, causing us to notice everything around us with fresh eyes.



This course is open to those wishing to take a break from digital media to reconnect with nature, themselves, and others.

Note: There is no mobile phone signal at the venue. Internet and landline are available for essential and emergency use. We understand that a complete digital fast may not be possible for some; however, participants are expected to abide by the ethos of the programme and refrain from all but absolutely essential use.


We invite participants to arrive early morning or the evening before the course commences to allow time to set up camp before we begin. The programme commences at 5pm local time. We aim to finish by noon on the final day to enable participants to travel home that day if they wish; however, participants are very welcome to stay the night at no extra cost and travel home the following morning if they prefer.

Camping and self-catering is on a meadow next to the river. You will need to supply your own camping equipment (e.g. tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad/mattress). 

A basic camp kitchen with cutlery, chopping boards, stove, table and seating are provided, along with camp chairs for our daily gatherings.

Supper on day one is included in the price.


Use the contact form below to enquire about the programme or to apply.

Please state which programme you are interested in.

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